Climate change is the most significant challenge to achieving sustainable development, and it threatens humanity into extreme poverty.

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Climate Resiliency

Capacity for a socio-ecological system to absorb stresses by negative externalities affecting climate change and  adapt, reorganize, and evolve to improve the sustainability of the system, positioning such system for future climate change impacts.

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Climate Change

Human influence on the climate system and recent anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases are impacting our climate and causing extreme weather events with catastrophic consequences to humanity.

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Institute for Climate Law & Policy - NEWS

We are a non-for-profit environmental THINK TANK, with external collaborators from Latin America, Puerto Rico and the United States.

CLIMATE NEWS ALERT: On November 20, 2018, Governor of Puerto Rico, Ricardo Rosselló Nevares, announced the Puerto Rico Pledge for Climate Change, setting policy on climate change and making the Island a platform or innovation hub for climate resiliency.

The Puerto Rico Pledge for Climate Change benchmarks are the following:

  1. 100% renewables by 2050 (40% by 2023)
  2. 100% CapEx (Capital Investments) on resilience
  3. 500k trees in 5 years; increasing reforestation efforts thereafter.
  4. Reduce carbon footprint by 50% in the next 5 years.
  5. Climate Change Education: Implement robust school curriculums on mitigation, adaptation, resilience and response.
  6. New construction code: stronger, more resilient. Transition our people into safe housing.
  7. Create multi sectoral group to monitor and update necessary policy changes.
  8. Support science and research. Policy matters: erosion, conservation, water management, pollution.
  9. Short term immediate intervention on beaches, reefs, aquifers, et al.
  10. Rebuild framework of Puerto Rico needs to be centered on innovation and resiliency.

ClimaTHINK is working on comments to the proposed policy and legislation.


Next Steps...

Acting on Climate is our top priority, providing optimum climate legal and policy solutions to evolve into a desirable configuration that can improve the sustainability of our society.